Our 8” Chef knife is a modern interpretation of the all-purpose workhorse kitchen tool.

Black Professional v2.0



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Jade Professional v2.0



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Executive v2.0



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VMatter Professional & Executive Knives are made from an amorphous alloy that is both vitreous and metallic. A metal that is vitreous becomes stronger and more elastic than its crystalline counterpart. VMATTER knives combine the best properties of steel and ceramic. It retains its edge sharpness longer than steel, will not rust or become brittle like ceramic. VMATTER is not forged or stamped but injected molded, representing the most dramatic advancement in knife technology in 1,000 years. WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF MATTERS! and here are some key benefits:

• Enhanced Edge Durability

• Anti-bacterial Technology

• Zero Rust and Metal Taste on Food

• Ultra Sharp Edge

• Dishwasher Safe (except Ironwood handle)

Executive Model

For the passionate cook who desires the best of everything. The top of the line executive is crafted with a hand made rare ironwood handle.


Blade Length: 210 mm

Grip Length: 110 mm

Blade Depth: 54 mm

Blade Width: 2.85 mm

Weight: 235 grams