VMATTER creates precision products using an exclusive metal alloy invented in the Caltech laboratories and refined in space by NASA. No other company in the world can manufacture knives using this revolutionary material. Our alloy is a better material than either ceramic or steel for the production of cutlery. We are proud to offer this exceptional collection to consumers and chefs alike.


Our exclusive metal alloy is not brittle like ceramic and the edge is six to 10 times more durable than steel.


Because our material is an inert surface there is no metal taste imparted to food.


Our material does not corrode and greatly increases durability and longevity of the knife.


Offers a holistic solution to reduce the spreading of germs. Glasslike surface does not harbor bacteria like steel. Complimentary to your organic non-GMO kitchen.


Will not rust and is impervious to dishwashing detergents. Professional model only.



VMATTER takes pride in our product offering. We believe our product is the best made and provides superior performance. But don’t take our word for it. Check out these reviews to see what the others have to say.

  • "Besides the look, my favorite feature of this knife is its versatility. For example, I can go from chopping, to slicing, to portioning fish. Each task would require different knives in the past. I have a tendency to reserve it for more delicate and precise work due to it's edge and light weight. I have to remind myself that it can handle whatever I give it."

    Michael Lockard
    Executive Chef
    The Plaza Hotel
    Michael Lockard
  • A Kitchen Knife Made From a New Kind of Matter

    "What is it that NASA does? Sure, they put a man on the moon and consistently do things that us mere mortals could never even imagine, but what have they done for our kitchens? Besides astronaut food, not a whole not. This is about to change, thanks to a series of cutlery created with a brand new type of matter."

    Cooking Channel
  • To Wield. A Kitchen Knife That Keeps Its Edge

    "A dream of many home cooks is a knife that requires no sharpening. This chef’s knife by VMatter comes close. It’s made from an alloy of titanium, zirconium and other metals that was developed 20 years ago at the California Institute of Technology with some funds from NASA, and is supposed to hold its keen edge for as long as 10 years."

    New York Times
  • VMatter 8" Professional Chef's Knife

    "Made from an amorphous metal alloy, the VMatter 8” Professional Chef’s Knife is not only stronger and sharper than steel but also lasts 10 years before it needs to scrape a whetstone. In use, the blade was well-balanced and nimble, allowing us to slice and dice with Michelin-starred skill."

    Men’s Journal

vmatter-v1The Original VMatter 8” Chefs knife design shown in the following articles has been discontinued and is no longer offered for sale. These independent articles describe our technology, performance and are the result of independent review by the publications.